What am I thinking about? Of course not really the city. I mean, the city is great and all... but even the city of Kroy is just a pretext for thinking about everything else. Like about love and life and the reason why I am there and what I am doing. And why sometimes it seems to be so much more SINNVOLL (filled with the right sense) to feed squirrels than to get up early and go to work, even though this is what they tell you. {{they? yes, "they" again . I will explain this later.}} The they-voice in my head also tells me that (sometimes). I usually answer "anibbnP(§&%$GmGB)mhm+NCMjO;))k"/??°°s°°" And I always try to find out if that voice in my head came from a) education b) experience (without dobble-x) c) the big nasty squirrel who did not get the peanut d) bad luck (it was not meant to be my head-voice, just ended up there).