the towers and the spider

Since 1971, there were 2 high towers – they were built that high in order to keep the new animal of the city at a distance: Since world war II, a tarantula, or bird-spider can be seen hovering far above the city. The towers keep the spider away from the ground, but they also anchor the city itself into the ground. They play the role of the antediluvian animal’s tentacles. Not this animal, but the spider is now present at the sky, this postmodern animal is held back from the city by its last fortresses of modernity. The postmodern spider is the only one who still talks about the animal. (you cannot hear it). The breath of the spider goes through the streets, it whistles through the avenues and gets into the subway tunnels as warm air. The spider’s lungs are hot like a furnace. The spider has a velvet belly and many, many eyes. These eyes glitter and glisten in the night and send messages to the people, to the sleepwalkers on Broadway and the sleeping ones in their beds. Night is still night, night makes the spider disappear, the spider who hovers above the city without sleep, it is a good spider who has the moon dance across her belly and who usually keeps the rainclouds away.

memories and dust-mites

The secret masters of the city are the dustmites. Oh, I don’t mean that metaphorically, I view the situation quite realistically, the dustmites are the secret masters of the city: dust mites eat dust, in the city, dust is memory and memory makes the city. Dust-mites are small animals of the family of spiders. They eat – as the name suggests – dust. In the dirty city, they multiply joyously, hidden from society’s eyes. They live with us and around us; they eat dust and excrete its rests in the form of toxic, chemical substances.

American Progress

summer in kroy

Out of town successful business man is looking for an attractive, friendly and intelligent young lady to help me entertain my client and his wife at one of the city's finest restaurants. Your job would be to charm my guests and make me look good. That's all. Nothing else required. Please send photos and a description.
  • Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.
  • Astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before they go into space because passing wind in a spacesuit damages them.
  • Weatherman Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald.
  • The phrase "rule of thumb" is derived from an old English law which stated that you couldn't beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb.
  • Celery has negative calories. It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has in it to begin with.

Different things in the sky

How to know it is summer in Kroy

  • sunglasses all over the place
  • the music of the ice-cream truck, riding through the streets
  • the red bird on the tree in front of our window
  • you get too hot on the subway platform and too cold inside the train
  • when you wake up it is already light outside
  • you need 3 minutes less to dress before going out on the street (gloves/mitten/scarf/hat-lessness)
  • general coolness-factor increased enormously
  • more dogs stay longer hours on the streets
  • there is not enough time to be awake each day
  • you discover all your neighbors' tatoos
  • you see body parts you would not have wanted to see (and others you very much want to see)
  • you figure out your neighbor's musical taste and sexual sounds
  • the city is too much of a city

An average day in Kroy

Easter bunnies

I saw a guy with a shirt that had 2 Easter bunnies on it. One Easter bunny kicked the other. The kicked Easter bunny said something in Chinese which I did not understand. Then I was wondering if they have easter bunnies in China and why I see easter bunnies in July anyways.

Memories in Kroy

I have talked about streets and people and dance and night and day ... but really all I talked about or wanted to talk about is: memories. Because memories are what makes humans "humans". Because memories create the link between the past and the now. Because. And they are all around. They are there, swirling in the air, so is it sooooo far off to think that memories are dust particles?

an even shorter short history of the city of Kroy

Long ago: Chaos

Some say that the creation of the City of Kroy dates back to old ages. So long ago that even the stones were still very small. One day, Chaos was visited by his 4 brothers, who came from the North, the South, the East and the West. The brothers saw Chaos and said "Oh my, dear brother, you have such an impenetrable surface! How can you breathe? How can you smell? How can you feel what is around you?" They had pity with Chaos and provided him of several holes in his body. Some holes for a mouth, some holes for eyes, some holes for the nose, and some holes for the ears. Now, that Chaos had holes to perceive the outside world, he died.

how to pee at work

For example: The workers in the thriftshop have one thing in common with the employees at Tiffany's: every once in a while, they have to go to the bathroom. Sometimes really badly. The workers in the thriftshop usually call above the heads of the people, across the aisles "I needa pee!" and someone will take their post at the cash register. In some stores, this is not appreciated. So sometimes they simply call the name of another employee, hoping for mercy. Sometimes they just wait. Sometimes they work with diapers on because their job does not allow a break. Sometimes they turn a little green switch and in the central work station somebody will be mobilized to send a temporary replacement. And sometimes they have this sort of cold-war-game-codification, that they yell a kind of code word across the aisles. Everybody can hear it, but only some people can understand it: "MR. WILLIAMS!!!!! MR. WILLIAMS!!!!!"

another (short) history of Kroy

In old documents, people are described as “blessed with strong noses and strong hearts”. In former times, uprising slaves were broke upon on wheels or burned until dead and then consumed by fire to ashes. This black dust mingled with the white dust into gray, poisonous substances. Fortunately, nowadays we live a more human society. Don't we?

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Easter Procession in Kroy

people ringing your doorbell (again)

Doorbell-Ringer: "Hi, I am new here, so I will just read to you what I want to say. : (altered slightly for the purpose of comprehension) "Open Letter to Mayor Blumberg: You give money to rich schools and no money to already poor schools. All white people go to rich schools, and to poor schools, the black people have to go. --- Give us more money for the poor schools! And fuck all white people!" Door-Opener: "That's a good cause there." Doorbell-Ringer: "Yeah, and you can give me some money, too. Usually it's $20 but you may give me $12." ...

a very short history of Kroy

1831 The City is ruled by mercantile spirit and its port. Large sections of City and Animal have been destroyed; population sank to 10’000. The streets are badly paved, foreigners complain about the lack of noteworthy public monuments.
let's go what's up, buddy? hey you! howdidoooooooo worfdimorf. an dyou? me too.
Mediated verbal something... Of certain members of society we expect something magical, something mythical, whenever they open their mouths. It is performance that brings together their speech and the myth narration in culture-specific and variable ways, at least according to come linguists. And what happens when WE open our mouths?

pictures falling down like snowflakes