how to pee at work

For example: The workers in the thriftshop have one thing in common with the employees at Tiffany's: every once in a while, they have to go to the bathroom. Sometimes really badly. The workers in the thriftshop usually call above the heads of the people, across the aisles "I needa pee!" and someone will take their post at the cash register. In some stores, this is not appreciated. So sometimes they simply call the name of another employee, hoping for mercy. Sometimes they just wait. Sometimes they work with diapers on because their job does not allow a break. Sometimes they turn a little green switch and in the central work station somebody will be mobilized to send a temporary replacement. And sometimes they have this sort of cold-war-game-codification, that they yell a kind of code word across the aisles. Everybody can hear it, but only some people can understand it: "MR. WILLIAMS!!!!! MR. WILLIAMS!!!!!"