a question of perception

  1. what you see in the back is what you feel inside
  2. what you see in the front is what you don't really see
  3. what you feel inside is what you don't really see

Nights in Kroy (4)

what people pray for ...

  1. world peace
  2. wealth/ winning the lottery
  3. health
  4. love
  5. sex
  6. the auto industry
  7. ...

logic of beautiful thought

"what about... something beautiful - again - and again - I want to do something beautiful...." says the child to her grandmother, and the grandmother feels very touched, smiles at the shopkeeper, because he reminds her of her first love, and the shopkeeper is getting embarrassed without knowing why, and gives a paper postcard to the child who says ..... "oh! that is soooo beautiful!!"

outside animals in pre-christmas time

taking the liberty to....

the REAL thing - again

In front of the building you have the traffic and underneath the buildings you have the rats and the subway and above the building you have the sky with disoriented geese which got stuck in the magnetic field of Lower Manhattan and are circling forever above Ground Zero, like a landmark and reminder to the well-known, much-talked-about event one day in 2001, but behind the buildings, behind them, you see the REAL thing. Only the geese can see it, but their sense of orientation has failed them.

is this?

is this a church tower? is this a church tower roof? is this asphalt? and this? is this a car repairshop? is this ???? is this??? is this?? is this? but what is a HOT BIRD?
"I am" cannot be replaced by "I exist"


the REAL thing

“I am the real thing.” Says the man who grew up in Brooklyn and lives now in Lower East Side. So am I fake?
You might not want to see the hole in the bagel but then you will also miss the bagel.

people who ring your doorbell (3)

"are you jewish?"

Dance (3)

somebody's concert - many other somebodys smashing their bodies into the walls and into each somebody's others, throwing pillows (instead of stones) and imitating gestures and movements which they have seen on TV. the street and the policecars are not there, but there is the same aggresion. young people playing provocation, screaming and poking and po8VINAKJHVMÖTZ4TCW AND &üp98+mväP)/(N§älkh ü8n§$(n ÜP)NJ+b,l+3580vm+09u!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! öo8öinrtöv4FuG("`!!!!! f
when the lights turn back on, the "dance" is over.

SYMS and the woman

Question: Will these buses, some day, be protected as historical "moving landmarks"? ... and will a computer-animated woman continuously jump up and down this sidewalk? ... and will we be able to see this SYMS-sign in a museum, explain to us that it was
back then, in 2008, which was around the time of the financial crisis and right before everything CHANGED, SYMS stood for a cooperation which operated a chain of 33 off-price retail stores located in the United States. Its merchandise consisted primarily of men's tailored clothing and haberdashery, women's dresses, suits and separates, children's apparel and men's, women's and children's shoes.
Will this be the case?

Lower Manhattan

Geography of a bar counter

These days, I heard say this Mexican man to the other Mexican man: "You, like all the other fucking Mexicans, have a big mouth." And he started laughing with his own big mouth, thinking he made a good joke. ... only that the first Mexican man was standing in front of and the other one behind the counter.