the towers and the spider

Since 1971, there were 2 high towers – they were built that high in order to keep the new animal of the city at a distance: Since world war II, a tarantula, or bird-spider can be seen hovering far above the city. The towers keep the spider away from the ground, but they also anchor the city itself into the ground. They play the role of the antediluvian animal’s tentacles. Not this animal, but the spider is now present at the sky, this postmodern animal is held back from the city by its last fortresses of modernity. The postmodern spider is the only one who still talks about the animal. (you cannot hear it). The breath of the spider goes through the streets, it whistles through the avenues and gets into the subway tunnels as warm air. The spider’s lungs are hot like a furnace. The spider has a velvet belly and many, many eyes. These eyes glitter and glisten in the night and send messages to the people, to the sleepwalkers on Broadway and the sleeping ones in their beds. Night is still night, night makes the spider disappear, the spider who hovers above the city without sleep, it is a good spider who has the moon dance across her belly and who usually keeps the rainclouds away.