celebrating the dead

There is one day in autumn, when the dead are celebrated in the City of Kroy. It is a day when summer really has disappeared, when leafs start turning red and yellow and when you can smell the first snow. In the City of Kroy, people are not dining with their dead on top of their graves, neither walking to the cemeteries for festivities. The cemeteries of Kroy have long been unused; they are full – filled with bodies that do not breathe any more. One new highway cuts through the biggest one of these sacred places, now in the middle of precious territories. Towards east and west you can see tombstones, and towards east and west, you can see, this one day of the year, the spirits coming back and moving towards the city. There they go, all united in their march. Cactus Man and Bambi, some queens with carnivore plants, elephant and the Super Mario Bros., Barack Obama, the blue man, the sun, cats, giraffes, fish, the pope and some bishops, Neil Armstrong and John Lennon and McCain Hand-in-Hand, Snoopy, a baby chicken, freedom(yes!), Global Warming and the Atmosphere, and a pancake. Oh, and sometimes a campbell soup. OH, and at the end, you always have a chinese woman dressed up as cleopatra. (this one is real, though.) When they crossed Chinatown, the little Chinese kids clap their hands and yell – “I can see the new humanity coming!” and they throw chicken feet over their doorsteps (from the inside to the outside of the apartment, but don’t ask me why). These transparent bodies materialize more and more and wander through the city of Kroy. Every year, they have become more numerous, until the council of the city decided to no longer try to hide it but organize this event; they close some major streets and keep the feeble humans away from the monstrous parade, they play music (mostly Michael Jackson) in order to suppress the sounds of “your-left-the-gas-open” and they pick up falling fingers, toes and hands as fast as they can, together with sugar candy they throw all over the place in order to do so.