Dance (1)

Kroy's architecture is calling for a certain type of life-style. Not only the architecture, of course. But to a certain degree, yes. Maybe Mies van der Rohe would not have thought that his buildings could procreate Hip Hop. Unvoluntarily, they helped creating it. Today, we observe this type of dance which is not (really) sensual nor erotic. Its movements are the expression of a whole culture; movements and bodies which are somewhat more "here", more "grounded", "rooted to the soil" or "down-to-earth" than other types of dances. More "autochthonous", which probably means something solid and rooted in the way that plants are rooted. And so we are dancing in garages in Harlem or in industrial ruins in Brooklyn, rooted to the cement with both feet, the hands like branches flying high in the air, jumping up and down, but resting on their ground. Like plants, we move in the worst weather conditions, rest flexible in the upper part and solid on the base and try to get the semen, the word out there, and to do so we speak fast, as fast as we can, we call them bros and call ourselves "fat" or "grand" and have little animals and herbs invade our organic bodies until we all merge in the up-and-down-movement which we then take out to the street and keep it in our voices and in eyes.