Mucho Cold

... says the man who is selling almonds on 14th street to the woman who is cleaning the toilets of several big buildings. She laughs and blows smoke in his face. The smoke gets pulled away from the wind; it mixes with the smoke from the underground and the smoke of the sewer system. The wind in Kroy always blows horizontally, bizarrely enough, in this very vertical city I would have expected the wind to blow vertically also, like blowing up from the subway airshafts, blowing up skirts, plastic bags and hair, blowing up up up up up to the highest point of the skyscrapers only to turn around and fall down on the heads of the millions as revenge or maybe only cold wind. Or “cold” and basta. But, hey, no, the wind in Kroy blows from the left to the right and from the right to the left, and the flying plastic bags or flying squirrels have nothing to do with the wind but rather with not-being-from-this-wordliness.