the cathedral of Kroy

The cathedral of Kroy announces itself to be the biggest cathedral in the world. This, however, is by far not the most remarcable feature of this building. It is also the cleanest cathedral in the world (at least on the inside...). This might be due to the fact that it was built much later than other cathedrals, or that there is a regular pest control coming through the building, or that people put in an enourmous effort to contrast the decay on the outside with the cleanliness on the inside. Thus, the heating system inside the church prevents the growth of moisture, the public bathrooms prevent urine smell in the apse, the green and red neon lighting prevents drug consumption and the immaculately built columns and walls, in a very mosaic ride through architectural history, prevents the attribution to one style. As Kroyans know very well, the cathedral has been built more as a symbol of a church than of a real church, combining romanesque columns in gothic heights with the deliberately left unfinished wall (as a hint towards the time and effort it took for the construction), with lamps from all countries and nations (a hint to the mixed population which was supposed to contemplate the church) and an altar by Andy Warhol (as a symbol of openmindedness towards contemporary art and sexual orientations ... although,.... this might be going too far in the interpretation). In order to make the outside more attractive, peacocks are wandering around and a basketball court invites to play.