waiting at a busstop

Society can be seen as waiting at a busstop. There are people looking permanently at their watch, there are people eating their sandwhich, in little pieces, but very fast, since they have to have everything swallowed once the bus is there, there are people almost falling asleep (once they are in, they will definitely fall asleep), there are people doing their make-up, people doing their morning gym, people staring at each other, people talking about the weather, people bitching about how slow the bus is and that they don't have a car and that life is toooooo expensive, people flirting, people on the phone, people sneaking around in circles, ready to go in the back door in order not to pay the fee ... And Haitians? Haitians say that when Haitians wait at a busstop, they do not know when the bus will come, they do not know how much they'll have to pay and they do not know where the bus is going. But, yet, they are waiting.