Cold weather - the great separator

The “cold” is the great separator of Kroy. The is a company specialized in equipment for separation on rich and poor matter by using cold wind, ice, storm, rain and snow. When the cold arrives in the city, people’s movements tell you a lot about their financial background. Usually, the wealthier the people, the livelier they move about; that is, if you see them at all, stepping out of taxis into restaurants or bars and back into taxis and from the taxi into their home. Other people tuck their head into their shoulders and move along, fixing always the next steps on the sidewalk, like the guy in “Momo” who was looking always on the following square feet he had to clean until he reached the end of the road… (but this is yet another story). Then, there are people who stand on the street to sell things. They move from one foot to the other, in a certain monotonous dance on the same spot. Most of them clap their hands. Again other people do not move at all. They rest in one place and stare in front of them. Sitting on cardboard boxes and stacks of newspapers which barely keeps the cold away, they just sit there and wait for the spring.