Colors of Kroy

Once upon a time, there were 3 brothers. All 3 of them had a special gift: they could see the emotions of the city in color. So, all 3 of them became painters and set out to paint the walls of Kroy, adapting the city to its everchanging colors, each time adapting the walls to the emotions of the moment, so everyone could see it. They went from red to blue to yellow to a type of brown until they settled for this type of brown and thought this was not so bad a color after all, and since then they have been going aroung painting in this ... very particular hue: Some gallons of sadness with some gallons of despair with a dose of feeling shitty, and a touch of fall (symbolic for the automn of life) ... and some white to keep the hue lighter (and keep the hopes up that times are a-changing.)